Xiaomi introduced a unique smart lamp (Midian Bedside Lamp): This night light does not interfere with sleep and protects eyes


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:07 pm

Midian Bedside Lamp does not use filters

Xiaomi introduced the Midian Bedside Lamp on a proprietary platform for collective financing. It is advancing as the world’s first nightlight lamp with zero blue light emission. 

Xiaomi bed lamp
Xiaomi bed lamp

Midian Bedside Lamp is offered for investors in the project for $ 28, and the retail price will be $ 46. Deliveries are scheduled to begin on June 14, 2020. 

Midian Bedside Lamp
Midian Bedside Lamp

Products with reduced blue light emission, traditionally, are presented as not harmful to the eyes, as well as not interfering with healthy sleep. The manufacturer emphasizes that the lamp is fundamentally different from products that use filters to reduce blue light. Instead, the lamp does not initially emit blue light.

The Midian Bedside Lamp uses yellow and red LEDs as a light source. Colour temperature is 1800K. It is noted that the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Nanchang University attached to the development.  

midian lamp
midian lamp

In the “zero blue” mode, the power is 2 watts. But in case the blue light is not terrible, there are 12 more 0.5 W LEDs. 

Midian Bedside Lamp is a smart product that can work with the MIJIA app. Several functions are available through the application, including “wake-up” – you can set alarms for every day, as well as choose soft music for background playback. Supported voice assistant XiaoAI. 
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