15th generation Intel Core processors introduced.


They will be released at the end of the year

Intel has announced that Meteor Lake processors will be released at the end of December. At the same time, Intel nominally announced these CPUs. We have not yet been told about the parameters and models, but we have been given a more complete overview of the architectures, features, and technologies.

Intel Core processors
Intel Core processors

Intel says the release of Meteor Lake marks the start of a new era for the company as it moves away from the Intel 7 node and begins deploying its 3D EUV lithograph Foveros packaging for the client mobile platform.

Meteor Lake is an extremely important product for Intel, and at the same time, it is new in literally everything. This is the new Intel 4 technical process, the chipset layout used by the company for the first time in this segment, and a disaggregated configuration, which means the use of chipsets created using different technical processes. Let us remember that the Intel 4 process technology will be used for the processor chipset, and the GPU is generally produced by TSMC.

15th generation Intel Core processors introduced.

Meteor Lake, like the previous several generations of Intel CPUs, contains in the configuration large P-cores, in this case based on the Redwood Cove architecture, and small E-cores on the Crestmont architecture. An unusual feature is the two small cores integrated into the SoC chipset, which Intel calls a Low Power Island. These new LP E-cores are designed to allow light workloads and processes to be offloaded from a more power-hungry compute cluster and moved entirely to a more power-efficient cluster in the SoC. That is these two cores will be used only separately for non-resource-intensive tasks, although this remains to be verified. Other important additions include Intel’s first Neural Processing Unit (NPU).

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Another interesting feature is that each chipset, or tile as Intel itself calls it, has its power controller, which should make the CPU more energy efficient. There are four tiles in total: CPU, GPU, SoC, and I/O tile. However, Intel only produces the CPU tile and the I/O tile. The GPU is manufactured at TSMC facilities using the N5 process technology, and the SoC tile is produced using the N6 process technology.

The company also says that the new CPUs have better instructions executed per clock than the current line, but there are no details. Also, Intel has not yet said anything about cache memory sizes.

Let’s remember that Intel says that Meteor Lake processors will be released on December 14. But these are mobile CPUs, so it’s not very clear in what form they will hit the market that day. It may be possible to buy a laptop with such a processor only at the beginning of 2024.

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