CPU architecture


AMD will pack 32 processor cores into one chiplet.

Ruchita Ruchi

But only server ones Despite the fact that there is still quite a bit of information on the Internet about ...

CPUs and GPUs

This will change the way CPUs and GPUs are made.


There are still a few years left before such a memory is released. HBM4 memory will appear on the market ...


These are three huge mistakes and failures of Intel.


Gelsinger isn’t shy about criticizing his company. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger spoke about three big mistakes and failures of the ...

Intel processor

The peak power of this Intel processor can reach 922W. 64-core Xeon Platinum 8592+ appeared on the Internet


This is the Emerald Rapids generation The first leak has appeared on the Internet regarding the new Emerald Rapids generation ...

Intel Core i9-14900KKF

Intel Core i9-14900K/KF, Core i7-14700K/KF and Core i5-14600K/KF processors are presented.


The rest of the CPUs will be shown at the beginning of 2024 Intel introduced the 14th generation Core processors ...

Intel Core processors

The new 14th generation Intel Core processors can be allowed to operate at temperatures up to 115 degrees.


But this is hardly good for the CPU Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors are characterized by very high power ...

new Core Ultra processors

Intel can’t or won’t announce all the new Core Ultra processors at the same time.


And we will see Core Ultra 5/7 on December 14 Intel Meteor Lake processors will be presented this year but ...

Xeon Platinum 8580

Xeon Platinum 8580 appeared on the Internet


Just an engineering sample The first tests and characteristics of the 60-core Intel Xeon Platinum 8580 processor have appeared on ...

Intel CPU

The results of the new Intel CPU have appeared in PassMark


In single-threaded mode, the Core i9-14900KF beat everyone The Core i9-14900KF processor appeared in the PassMark benchmark database and immediately ...

Intel Core processors

15th generation Intel Core processors introduced.


They will be released at the end of the year Intel has announced that Meteor Lake processors will be released ...

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