A set of two of the latest Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speakers is already available at a big discount in China


The set costs $257

At the moment, the popular Chinese store JD.com offers to place an order for two Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speakers , having received a decent discount.

Introduced just a couple of days ago, the Xiaomi Sound Pro speaker is priced at $143, but JD.com offers two speakers for $257.

 Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speakers
Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speakers

According to the manufacturer, Xiaomi Sound Pro is a high-quality smart speaker with 7 modules that provide 360-degree sound. It contains:

  • three 1.5-inch three-channel full-range speakers with a power of 5 W each;
  • three three-channel passive radiators;
  • One 4″ 40W woofer with up to 91dB SPL.

The smart speaker was jointly customized by the Xiaomi Golden Ears and Harman team, and it received the professional certification of the China Electronic Audio Industry Association.

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