AMD admits it needs to work on ray tracing technology


The company is also working on the energy efficiency of video cards.

In a fresh interview, Scott Herkleman, senior vice president and general manager of AMD’s graphics division, spoke not only about plans to use the 12VHPWR connector in Radeon video cards. He also, for example, stated that for many buyers of desktop video cards, the power consumption of these same video cards is not particularly important.


As we bring all chips to market, we look at performance per watt on each graph. On paper, this matters a lot. In the desktop segment, however, it matters, but not for everyone. Some people really care about energy consumption, while others don’t care. We want to create a chip with the best performance per watt ratio.

Energy consumption is, of course, a major initiative. You’ll see our products get better and better over time. We need to catch up. There are still bugs that we need to fix. Working in idle mode is one of them

Let us remember that before the release of the Radeon RX 7000 video cards, AMD itself stated that the RDNA 3 architecture would bring more than a 50% increase in energy efficiency, and there was no reason not to believe the company because the RX 6000 was superior to even the RTX 30 in this indicator. But in the end, in practice, RX The 7000 is not particularly different from the RX 6000 in terms of energy efficiency and is much inferior to the RTX 40.

AMD admits it needs to work on ray-tracing technology

An AMD representative also said that the company needs to actively work on ray tracing, where its position relative to its competitors is not very strong.

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I think we still lead in performance per dollar, but we factor in ray tracing performance when pricing. Reviewers like you tell us that we’re okay with pure frames per second, but not so great with ray tracing, so we try to account for that difference while ensuring Radeon GPUs offer more value.

We just need to improve the experience for future generations by making sure we have the right architecture for efficient ray tracing. Additionally, we need to continue to work with partners and independent software vendors to ensure gamers have the best experience possible

In addition, Herkleman confirmed the recent statement that AMD will no longer release new models in the RX 7000 line. In particular, judging by the context, the RX 7500 XT model or similar is not worth waiting for.

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