AMD again pushed Intel


But primarily thanks to server CPUs

AMD has managed to achieve record market share for processors, according to Mercury Research analysts cited by Reuters.


According to the results of the fourth quarter, AMD took 31.3% against 68.7% from Intel. A year earlier, AMD had 25.6% of the market, and the third quarter ended with a figure of 28.5%.  

The success of AMD as a whole is primarily due to advances in the server market. It is there that the company’s share has been steadily and steadily growing since the release of the first Epyc CPUs. Now the share of AMD in the server market is 17.6% against 10.7% a year earlier. That is, in just a year, the indicator increased by 70%!  

In the desktop segment, AMD holds 18.6% against 16.2% a year earlier and 13.9% a quarter earlier. Significant growth is visible, but it is worth noting that in the second quarter, the share of AMD was 20.6%.


As for the mobile segment, here AMD is doing much worse. Now the company holds 16.4% against 15.7% a quarter earlier, but a year ago the share was 21.6%, and even two years ago it was higher (19%). 

It is worth noting here that we are talking about the x86-compatible CPU market above, and now this is important, since the share of Arm architecture PC processors has grown quite significantly thanks to Apple, reaching 13.3% against 10.3% a year earlier.  

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