AMD’s Starfield Game Will Get DLSS 3 Before FSR 3


Already next week

The Starfield game, as you know, was created with the active support of AMD and works much better on Radeon video cards. However, owners of GeForce adapters will soon have a reason to rejoice, as DLSS will be added to the game.


AMD’s Starfield Game Will Get DLSS 3 Before FSR 3

Next week the developers will release a beta version of the update, which will bring many changes. True, it’s not very clear why the beta version, but we just have to wait for the release.

Among other things, the update will bring support for DLSS, and judging by the mention of frame generation, it will be DLSS 3.

Bethesda also promised to add FSR 3 to the game, that is, frame generation technology will become available for Radeon adapters. Considering that Starfield turned out to be very demanding, such improvements will clearly not be superfluous.

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