Antec Performance P10 Flux chassis has a 5.25 ” bay


Antec Performance P10 Flux front panel covered with a door

The P10 Flux model has been added to the Antec Performance series of computer cases. This is a 477 x 220 x 486 mm case that can accommodate a mini-ITX, microATX, or ATX motherboard and up to seven expansion cards. A side opening door covers the front grille. The side to which the door opens can be changed. Locking in the closed position is provided by magnets. On the inside, the walls of the case have a sound-insulating coating.

Antec Performance P10 Flux
Antec Performance P10 Flux

Antec Performance P10 Flux chassis has a 5.25 ” bay

A rare feature of the case today is the presence of a 5.25-inch compartment. In addition to it, in the lower compartment, where the power supply is also located, there is a basket for two 3.5-inch drives, where, of course, you can install 2.5-inch drives. Up to three more 2.5-inch drives are available in the system board bay.

Expansion cards can be up to 405 mm long. The maximum height of the processor cooling system is 175 mm; the power supply length is 205 mm.

Two 120mm fans can be installed on the lower compartment shroud. The front wall houses three 120mm or two 140mm fans. Another 120mm can be mounted on the back wall. The chassis comes with five 120mm fans: three in the front, one in the back, and one on the lower bay shroud. In configurations with LSS, a radiator up to 360 mm in length is placed in front, and a 120 mm radiator in the back.

The I / O panel has two USB 3.0 connectors, headphone and microphone jacks, a power switch, and a control button for the onboard fan controller that allows you to select the high or low speed. The controller supports up to six fans.



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