Apple iPhone SE Plus may still come out


It’s unclear why Apple didn’t release it right away.

The insider Jon Prosser, already mentioned today, has hinted that we will soon be waiting for the announcement of the smartphone Apple iPhone SE Plus. There are no details, but it is worth recalling that back in March, the mention of such a model was found in the iOS 14 code.

iPhone SE Plus
iPhone SE Plus

Apple iPhone SE Plus may still come out

Recall, the second-generation iPhone SE introduced recently is actually an updated iPhone 8. At the same time, the original iPhone 8 was removed from sale, and the iPhone 8 Plus disappeared along with it. On the part of Apple, it would be logical to release the iPhone SE Plus – an improved version of the iPhone 8 Plus, because the small screen in the new iPhone SE may be a decisive factor for many, but the relatively inexpensive iPhone SE Plus with the familiar Touch ID scanner and top-end The platform will be ideal for many.

But there is one significant but. The fact is that the iPhone SE Plus if it really comes out, will cost $ 500 for the basic version. And if you have an iPhone XR for $ 600, the novelty will no longer be such an unambiguous choice.



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