AvtoVAZ started shipping Lada Vesta NG to dealers


Official start of sales very soon

According to the insider public Avtograd News, AvtoVAZ today began to ship brand new Lada Vesta NG to dealers. As proof, a photo of several car carriers filled with cars was published.


AvtoVAZ started shipping Lada Vesta NG to dealers

“ AvtoVAZ started shipping Lada Vesta NG cars to dealers. All of them are still equipped with a 1.6 liter 90 hp engine. and 5-speed manual transmission. There is also no MMS [media system] and PTF [fog lights] . The color palette is limited to two enamels, white and silver. Air conditioning, 4 power windows, electric mirrors, a start-stop button, rear disc brakes are present in all versions, including the base one , ”writes Avtograd News.


As you can see, far from top-end versions of the car are being shipped, but it’s good that deliveries have begun in principle, which means that the start of sales is really coming soon . Recall that, according to the same Avtograd News, shipments to dealers were to begin on May 4th .


Prices for Lada Vesta NG may be announced as early as next week, but sales will start in late May or early June.

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