Baidu allowed to test unmanned vehicles on the streets of Beijing


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:39 pm

The Chinese capital has granted such permission for the first time

A division of Chinese internet giant Baidu, which develops self-driving cars for its own taxi service, has been allowed to test these cars in Beijing. The Chinese capital has permitted Baidu Apollo to drive five of these vehicles on public roads.


Baidu allowed testing uncrewed vehicles on the streets of Beijing

By gradually reducing the driver’s involvement in securing the computer system, the company plans, in the end, to completely abandon his presence in the car. That said, the remote operator will still take control in an emergency with Baidu’s 5G remote driving service.

The source notes that Beijing has strict requirements for testing uncrewed vehicles. In particular, to obtain an appropriate permit, a vehicle must drive at least 30,000 kilometers on open roads without incident and pass certification on a closed track. Baidu became the first company to receive approval for testing in the capital of China.

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