Banyan Group Soars Towards a Sustainable Future


Banyan Group, a leading hospitality company renowned for its unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, has proudly released its 18th Annual Sustainability Report. This comprehensive document underscores Banyan Group’s enduring dedication to environmental stewardship, community upliftment, and responsible tourism.

Guided by the core values of “Embracing the Environment” and “Empowering People,” Banyan Group has consistently demonstrated deep-seated respect for the natural world, fostering a harmonious relationship between its resorts and their destinations. The 2023 Sustainability Report shines a light on the group’s unwavering dedication to these core principles, showcasing the significant strides made in key areas such as:

Banyan Group Soars
Banyan Group Soars

Reduced Climate Change Emissions: Banyan Group has implemented a series of impactful measures to combat climate change. These initiatives, including the installation of batch washers and the execution of solar panel projects, have yielded a remarkable 22% reduction in emissions intensity per occupied room.

Waste Diversion and Responsible Waste Management: Committed to responsible waste management practices, Banyan Group has implemented rigorous waste monitoring and recycling initiatives. These efforts have resulted in the diversion of 23% of total waste produced in 2023 from landfills through recycling or repurposing programs.

Championing Gender Pay Equity: Banyan Group recognizes the importance of gender equality and actively works to achieve fair compensation for all associates. Their ongoing efforts have demonstrably narrowed the gender pay gap, achieving a 3.2% total adjusted figure in 2023. This progress signifies Banyan Group’s dedication to creating a work environment that fosters equity and equal opportunities for all.

Prioritizing Associate Wellbeing: Recognizing the importance of a healthy and supportive work environment for employee satisfaction and productivity, Banyan Group prioritizes associate wellbeing. Their commitment has yielded positive results, with the Associate Wellbeing Index registering a 5% increase across the organization in 2023. Regular well-being assessments are conducted, and over 350 programs were implemented in 2023 to enhance the physical and mental health of associates.

Empowering Communities Through the Seedlings Program: Banyan Group firmly believes in empowering the communities in which they operate. Their flagship initiative, the Seedlings program, focuses on education, engagement, and employment opportunities for residents. In 2023 alone, 119 young individuals received support, and an impressive 1,313 internships were facilitated through the program. Additionally, Banyan Group has demonstrably increased its support for artisan communities, with a 30% rise in the number of such communities receiving assistance in 2023 compared to the previous year.

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A Shared Journey Towards Sustainability

Banyan Group’s unwavering commitment to sustainability is not a solitary endeavor. Claire Chiang, Co-Founder of Banyan Group, emphasizes the collaborative nature of their sustainability journey. “From the very beginning,” Ms. Chiang states, “Banyan Group’s sustainability efforts have been a collective effort. We have tirelessly collaborated to cultivate a better future for the hospitality industry and the communities we serve.”

Looking ahead to 2024, as Banyan Group celebrates its 30th anniversary, Ms. Chiang reiterates their unwavering commitment. “We are proud of the progress we’ve made,” she declares, “and as we celebrate this milestone, our dedication to caring for our planet and our people – both employees and host communities – remains unwavering.”

A Legacy of Sustainable Hospitality

Banyan Group’s 2023 Sustainability Report serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication to environmental and social responsibility. Their commitment to responsible tourism, coupled with their focus on community upliftment and associated well-being, exemplifies a holistic approach to sustainability within the hospitality industry. By consistently striving to minimize their environmental footprint while simultaneously empowering the communities they touches, Banyan Group sets a commendable standard for sustainable hospitality practices worldwide.

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