Canon CJ18ex7.6B KASE Lens Designed for 4K Broadcast Cameras with 2/3 Inch Sensor


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:07 pm

Sales of CJ18ex7.6B KASE will begin in June

Along with the Canon EOS C300 Mark III camera and the Canon CN10X25 IAS S universal servo lens, Canon introduced the CJ18ex7.6B KASE, a compact and lightweight broadcast 4K lens for cameras with a 2/3 inch optical format sensor with B4 mount.

This lens covers a range of focal lengths of 7.6–137 mm, that is, it offers an 18x zoom. In the area of ​​7.6-103 mm, the maximum aperture is f / 1.8, in the 137 mm position – f / 2.4. According to the manufacturer, thanks to the innovative design without an extender, the lens turned out to be much lighter and smaller than its predecessors. At the same time, it provides “impeccable 4K resolution from the centre to the very edges of the screen.”

To reduce chromatic aberrations, elements of fluorite and glass with ultra-low dispersion are introduced into the optical circuit, and a special coating reduces the risk of glare and spurious reflections. The lens dimensions are 160.5 x 105.0 x 206.2 mm, and the mass is 1.4 kg. Due to its compactness and lightweight, the CJ18ex7.6B KASE is well suited for continuous shooting from the shoulder and does not limit freedom of movement.

Canon broadcast cameras

The CJ18ex7.6B KASE has three 20-pin connectors for integration with various virtual studios, including all-wheel-drive systems. Using a 16-bit converter to read the lens settings simplifies calibration when combining real and virtual images.

Sales of CJ18ex7.6B KASE will begin in June.

  • Focal length 7.6 – 137mm (274mm with extender)
  • 18x zoom; 0.56m MOD
  • Weighs approximately 1.65kg (IRSE S, main unit only)
  • Digital drive unit with 16-bit absolute value encoder