Close to Half of Americans Express Support for TikTok Ban, Poll Finds


Last updated on August 18th, 2023 at 07:24 pm

Close to Half of Americans Express Support for TikTok Ban

A recent Reuters/Ipsos survey has shed light on the sentiments of American adults towards the Chinese-owned social media platform, TikTok. This two-day poll not only explored public opinions on a potential TikTok ban but also delved into concerns about national security and China’s global influence.

TikTok Ban Support

The survey revealed that nearly half of American adults are in favor of banning TikTok, the popular social media application owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance. Out of the respondents, 47 percent indicated some level of support for a ban on TikTok’s usage within the United States. This sentiment has been prompted by mounting worries over the potential influence of the Chinese government.

Political Divide

Interestingly, the poll demonstrated a partisan divide on this issue. A significant 58 percent of Republicans expressed support for banning TikTok, while 47 percent of Democrats shared the same sentiment. This difference in opinions reflects the broader landscape of political viewpoints in the country.

Close to Half of Americans Express Support for TikTok Ban
Close to Half of Americans Express Support for TikTok Ban

National Security Concerns

FBI Director Christopher Wray and other key intelligence officials have voiced concerns about TikTok’s potential as a tool for the Chinese government to manipulate software on millions of devices and shape narratives to divide Americans. This has ignited fears about national security, with the app being seen as a possible threat.

China’s Global Influence

The survey also highlighted the deep-seated apprehensions among Americans regarding China’s global influence. At a time when U.S.-China relations are strained, citizens are increasingly worried about the extent of China’s impact on a global scale.

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TikTok’s Response:

In response to these concerns, TikTok stated that over 150 million Americans, including 5 million U.S. businesses, actively engage with the platform for various purposes such as work, education, and community-building. The company emphasized its commitment to protecting U.S. user data and creating a secure and inclusive environment for users across the nation.

Future Implications:

Although efforts to grant the Biden administration the authority to ban TikTok have encountered roadblocks in Congress, this issue could emerge as a focal point for the 2024 U.S. presidential campaign. Some Republican candidates have expressed their support for a TikTok ban, indicating that the debate is likely to continue.

The survey’s findings reveal a nuanced landscape of public opinion regarding TikTok, national security, and China’s influence. As the United States navigates complex relationships with foreign entities in an increasingly digital world, the future of TikTok and its potential ban remains a topic of interest and discussion.

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