‘Cocaine Sharks’ documentary on Discovery separates fact from fiction


The cocaine Sharks documentary on Discovery separates fact from fiction

After the infamous “Cocaine Bear” in 1985, a new curiosity emerges: “Cocaine Sharks.”

In a dark comedy/survival thriller directed by Elizabeth Banks, “Cocaine Bear” recounts the bizarre true story of a Georgia bruin that ingested cocaine dumped from a plane by a former narcotics officer turned drug smuggler.

cocaine sharks documentary
cocaine sharks documentary

Now, on July 26, the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week will feature an episode titled “Cocaine Sharks.” This intriguing show delves into long-standing rumors about sharks encountering cocaine discarded into the waters off Florida’s coast.

Florida’s shores and waters have seen their share of cocaine appearances. In recent years, multiple incidents involving packages of cocaine washing ashore or being found by beachgoers and fishers have occurred.

With an abundance of sharks in Florida waters, it sparks curiosity about whether these predators interact with the cocaine dumped into the ocean. The “Cocaine Sharks” episode aims to explore whether sharks ingest any of the drugs and what potential effects it might have on these formidable creatures.

Marine biologist Tom “The Blowfish” Hird and University of Florida environmental scientist Tracy Fanara conducted experiments for the show, dropping packages that resembled cocaine bales next to dummy swans into the water. Astonishingly, sharks reportedly approached the bales and took bites, leading to an intriguing exploration of this unique phenomenon.

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