The cameraman, who worked with Meghan Markle, spoke about her behavior on the set: “She was very rude and demanding.”


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:47 pm

A former colleague of 38-year-old Meghan Markle, who worked with her on an advertising project when she starred in the series “Force Majeure” (Suits), told the Daily Mail how the duchess behaved on the set. According to him, she was very demanding, and for her behaviour and the difficult character she has nicknamed the “princess”.

She was very demanding and rude. She used to be called a princess.

When she arrived, I didn’t even know who she was. She acted like a movie star. She arrived in a baseball cap and, bowing her head and hiding her face, went into the dressing room. Everyone believed that she behaves like a star from the A-sheet, although she was not,

– he said.

Meghan Markle in the series Force Majeure

He added that filming Megan was easy. As soon as the camera turned on, it began to work. However, when the shooting stopped, the actress turned into not the most friendly person.

Usually, when you offer something on the set, the stars do not contradict you, they agree to try. But she had her own thoughts. She had a lot of power

He shares.

Meghan Markle

One of Megan’s main demands, he says, was a ban on shooting her bare legs: she supposedly hated them.

One of the members of our team at some point began to take off her legs. When he did this, everyone looked at him, as if asking “what the hell are you doing?” and said that for today is all. Then I told him that this is probably the last time we see her. And then it turned out that she began dating the prince,

He says.

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After editing the video, he was warned that there was a chance that Megan would “reject” this shoot, but, to his surprise, she eventually approved the work without any problems.

Meghan markle movie

By the way, the legs of the duchess were already becoming a subject of discussion when, during the royal tour of New Zealand, the Duchess of Sussex took off her shoes. Then the public drew attention to her small scars from the operation to remove cones.

In addition, she insisted that there was expensive champagne on the set, and each scene with her participation would certainly be confirmed with her.

I don’t think she deserves such attention. She did not impress me, and I am simply surprised that she charmed the prince. She seemed very insecure and spoiled. If I were offered another job with her, I would refuse. I would not want to work with such a person again

He concluded.

Nevertheless, he added that he had heard from colleagues another opinion about Megan – that she was very sweet and welcoming.

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