Dead Island 2 Sales Breach 3 Million: Undead Slayers Keep Growing


Despite a period of relative quiet following its launch, Dead Island 2 continues to rack up impressive sales figures. Embracer Group, the game’s publisher, recently announced that Dead Island 2 has surpassed 3 million copies sold worldwide. Let’s delve deeper into Dead Island 2’s sales performance, the impact of Game Pass, and what this means for the future of the franchise.

Dead Island 2 Sales Breach 3 Million
Dead Island 2 Sales Breach 3 Million

From Launch to 3 Million: A Look at Dead Island 2’s Sales Trajectory

Dead Island 2’s sales trajectory offers some interesting insights:

  • Strong Launch: While details are limited, initial reports indicate a strong launch for Dead Island 2, potentially fueled by nostalgia for the first game and anticipation for the sequel.
  • Game Pass Impact: The inclusion of Dead Island 2 on Game Pass, a subscription service offering access to a library of games, likely contributed to a significant number of players experiencing the game. This might explain the initial drop-off in sales discussions, as players accessed the game through a subscription rather than a direct purchase.
  • Continued Growth: Despite the initial drop-off in sales discussions, Dead Island 2 has continued to sell steadily, reaching the 3 million mark within a short timeframe. This suggests a dedicated player base that enjoys the game’s unique blend of zombie-slaying action and dark humor.

Game Pass: Blessing or Curse for Sales?

The inclusion of Dead Island 2 on Game Pass has sparked debate about the impact of subscription services on game sales.

  • Increased Accessibility: Game Pass allows players to try a wider variety of games without a significant upfront investment. This can introduce new players to franchises like Dead Island, potentially leading to future purchases of additional content or sequels.
  • Potential Sales Impact: Some argue that Game Pass can cannibalize sales, as players might opt for the subscription instead of purchasing the game outright. However, Dead Island 2’s continued sales growth suggests this may not be the case for all titles.
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Looking Ahead: Updates and the Future of Dead Island

The developer’s recent confirmation of future updates for Dead Island 2 indicates a commitment to supporting the game and its player base. This suggests confidence in the title’s long-term potential and a desire to keep players engaged.

The positive sales figures and ongoing development efforts paint a promising picture for Dead Island 2. The franchise appears to be alive and well, with the potential to attract new players and satisfy existing fans with continued content updates.


Q: How many copies of Dead Island 2 have been sold?

A: Dead Island 2 has sold over 3 million copies worldwide as of the latest report from Embracer Group.

Q: Does Dead Island 2 being on Game Pass affect sales?

A: The impact of Game Pass on Dead Island 2’s sales is debatable. While it may have initially reduced sales discussions due to players accessing the game through a subscription, the title has continued to sell steadily, suggesting a dedicated player base.

Q: Will there be updates for Dead Island 2?

A: The developer has confirmed that future updates are planned for Dead Island 2, indicating a commitment to supporting the game and its player base.