Decoding the Role of Genomic Testing for Precision Oncology


The Role of Genomic Testing for Precision Oncology

Unlocking Hope and Savings in Cancer Care

In the quest to provide tailored therapies for cancer patients, genomic testing emerges as a game-changer. Zoya Brar, Founder of CORE Diagnostics, emphasizes the importance of open dialogue between patients and their healthcare teams regarding this revolutionary approach.

The Role of Genomic Testing for Precision Oncology
The Role of Genomic Testing for Precision Oncology

Understanding Genomic Testing

Unveiling the Genetic Blueprint for Personalized Care

Genomic testing, a key player in precision oncology, delves into a patient’s genetic information to guide treatment decisions. Learn how this technology is transforming cancer care.

Realizing Cost Savings

Turning Failed Treatments into First-Line Success


Discover how genomic testing can potentially transform third-line therapies into first-line treatments, cutting costs and improving outcomes. Also, explore its role in assessing the effectiveness of immunotherapies.

Enhancing Quality of Life

Improving Patient Well-being Beyond Dollars and Cents

Explore the indirect benefits of genomic testing on patients’ quality of life, productivity, and family support, ultimately leading to better clinical outcomes.

Technological Empowerment

Next-Generation Sequencing: A Game-Changer

Explore the impact of next-generation sequencing in analyzing multiple genes simultaneously and detecting rare genetic alterations.

Early Detection and Monitoring

Early Detection: A Lifesaver

Learn how genetic tests enable early disease detection, potentially increasing survival rates, and discover the promise of liquid biopsies in monitoring treatment response and detecting cancer recurrence.

Addressing Concerns

Safety, Accuracy, and Accessibility

Address concerns about the safety and accuracy of genomic tests and the importance of making them accessible to all.

The Path to Awareness

Empowering Patients Through Knowledge

Encourage open conversations between patients and healthcare teams about genomic testing. Explore its benefits, limitations, and insurance coverage intricacies.

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FAQs on Decoding the Role of Genomic Testing for Precision Oncology

  1. Are genomic tests safe?

    • Genomic tests are tightly regulated and precise, ensuring the safety of your genetic information.
  2. How does genomic testing impact treatment costs?

    • Genomic testing can potentially cut treatment costs by transforming third-line therapies into first-line treatments.
  3. Can genomic testing detect cancer early?

    • Yes, genetic tests can detect cancer at an early stage, potentially improving survival rates.
  4. What is the role of liquid biopsies?

    • Liquid biopsies monitor treatment response and detect cancer recurrence earlier than traditional methods.
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