Details about the interior, software and prices Project Highland


It’s a brand-new Tesla Model 3

The updated version of the Tesla Model 3, also known as Project Highland, is increasingly being discussed in the news, but this time the source claims that we are waiting for the biggest update in the history of Tesla.

Teslascope, a software company that constantly finds innovations in car firmware before the official announcement, received new data from Tesla employees.

For example, the Tesla Model 3 Project Highland has been confirmed to have a new front fascia as well as a new bumper camera that hasn’t been detailed before. There will also be other interior and software updates.

Details about the interior, software and prices Project Highland


The interior will focus on recycled materials. The cabin will get full RGB ambient lighting with new LED matrix lights on the outside. Tesla’s HardWare4, the latest version of its semi-autonomous driving suite, will be part of the updated Model 3.

Insiders claim that the production version could come out at any time within the next nine months. There is no exact timing, but it is known that prices will remain the same as the current Model 3.

Previously, the car was seen on tests on public roads.

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