Details about the Toyota bZ5x crossover, which will be produced at the same plant as Camry and RAV4


It will compete with the Kia EV9

Toyota doesn’t have many pure electric vehicles yet, but that’s all about to change: Toyota intends to bring 10 new electric vehicle models to market in the next few years, and one of the biggest will be the bZ5x.

Toyota bZ5x crossover
Toyota bZ5x crossover

According to Carscoops, the new model will be designed in the style of the bZ Large SUV concept shown in 2021. But, naturally, the design will be close to the current production models, the same bZ4x.

Details about the Toyota bZ5x crossover, which will be produced at the same plant as Camry and RAV4

The length of the 7-seater bZ5x will be approximately 5 meters, that is, the new product will become the electric equivalent of the Toyota Highlander and will directly compete with the larger Kia EV9. However, compared to the Highlander, the move to smaller electric motors will make the bZ5x more spacious inside. Space and practicality will be among the key advantages of the crossover.

Toyota bZ5x crossoverToyota bZ5x crossover

Toyota hasn’t shown off the car’s interior yet, but it will likely be styled like the bZ4x, possibly with elements of the new Prius. Naturally, there will be a proprietary set of Toyota Safety Sense safety systems, complemented by various driver assistance systems.


Being a larger crossover than the bZ4x, the bZ5x will receive a larger capacity traction battery and two electric motors, due to which all-wheel drive will be implemented.

It has already been officially confirmed that the bZ5x will be produced in the USA at a plant in Kentucky, where the Camry and RAV4 are currently produced. And traction batteries will be produced at Toyota’s plant in North Carolina.

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