Duoqin Qin 3 line of smartphones introduced


Previous Qin models were produced under the Xiaomi brand

Earlier this year, the Qin 3 line of smartphones was introduced, which will be produced by Duoqin. The latter is part of an extensive network of partner companies supported by Xiaomi. Previous Qin smartphones and feature phones in reviews and press releases were mentioned exclusively in conjunction with the Xiaomi brand, sometimes indicating Duoqin as the manufacturer.

Qin 3 is the successor to the Xiaomi Qin 2 introduced in 2019 . In general, the company says that it launched this line of phones to solve the growing problem of smartphone addiction in China. Although the details of how this problem is solved remained behind the scenes.

Qin 3
Qin 3

The line includes a base model called Qin 3, Qin 3 Pro and a top-end Qin 3 Ultra. Simultaneously with the announcement, the company began accepting pre-orders. The Qin 3 smartphone is available with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage for $145. Qin 3 Pro with 6/128 GB costs about $200, and Qin 3 Ultra with 8/256 GB was priced at $232.

The Qin 3 and Qin 3 Pro have 5.5-inch screens, while the Qin 3 Ultra has a 5.05-inch screen. Qin 3 and Qin 3 Pro received a notch cutout, while Qin 3 Ultra has a small round cutout for the front camera in the upper left corner of the screen.

Other details about their characteristics have not yet been reported.


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