Headphones for better sleep. LG Breeze introduced


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LG has introduced the Breeze headphones, which are not designed for listening to ordinary musicThe company itself calls the novelty an intelligent sleep solution. Technically, these are headphones, but aimed specifically at use before bed and during sleep.

LG Headphones
LG Headphones

The device is designed by SleepWave but released by LG. The shape of the headphones is such that they should not interfere with a person’s sleep. The body of the headphones is quite flat, and for a better fit there is a silicone nozzle.

LG claims that the headphones constantly monitor the rhythms of the brain, but does not explain how the headphones do this. But the company says that the headphones are able to synchronize the sound to these very rhythms, improving sleep. The app has over 80 different sounds and sound tracks, including lullabies and ASMR. The most interesting in absentia look sounds that are synchronized with brain rhythms. LG gives the example that listening to 100 Hz sounds with the left ear and 98 or 102 Hz sounds with the right ear “evokes” the 2 Hz rhythms that are characteristic of the deep sleep phase.

LG Headphones
LG Headphones

Of course, the headphones also fully track sleep, and they also have synchronization with YouTube, that is, if you wish, you can turn on regular music.

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