DxOMark was skeptical about the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera


Last updated on May 2nd, 2023 at 06:50 am

There is progress, but the module with a telephoto lens does not reach the competitors

Starting today, Apple has begun handing out samples of iPhone 12 smartphones to reviewers – the embargo on full reviews will be lifted this coming Tuesday. Among these reviewers are DxoMark experts who have already expressed their not very optimistic opinion about the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera.

iPhone 12 Pro Max camera

DxOMark was skeptical about the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera

The Chinese social network Weibo account DxOMark posted the following verbatim: “Although the telephoto lens of the smartphone has increased from 52mm on the iPhone 11 Pro Max to 65mm, providing support for 5x optical zoom, still inferior to competitors’ lenses with a focal length of 100+ mm” What competitors are we talking about? For example, Huawei P40 Pro (125 mm) or Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (120 mm).

This tone of DxOMark clearly does not bode well for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. In general, Apple smartphones in the DxOMark ranking seriously passed, and those same competitors, on the contrary, put pressure on. This has led to the current flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max being only in 16th place. But, be that as it may, we suggest waiting for the full results of the DxOMark test, as well as other reviews. Based on this data, it will be possible to form a more objective opinion about the camera of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and other representatives of the iPhone 12 line.

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