Facebook accuses Signal of lying about blocking it on Instagram due to ad campaign


Facebook accuses Signal of lying about blocking it on Instagram due to ad campaign

Facebook has come up with a rebuttal to Signal’s post about the blocking on Instagram after the messenger team tried to launch a series of ads to show the amount of data that the social media platform and its parent company Facebook collect about users and how it uses it to promote targeted ads.


Facebook spokesman Joe Osborne said Signal has never tried to launch a similar campaign on Instagram and has now announced its blocking just for hype.

“This is a trick for Signal, which did not even try to launch this ad – and we did not block its account for trying to do so, ” he told ZDNet. – If Signal tried to run an ad, some of the ads would be rejected because our ad policy prohibits ads that say you have a certain medical condition or sexual orientation that Signal should be aware of. But of course, showing ads was never their goal – it was about getting publicity

To respond to Facebook’s accusation, the Signal team took advantage of Twitter: “We really tried to do this. Advertisements were rejected, and Facebook disabled our account. ” In support of this, Signal posted screenshots of the disconnect notification.

But even this message from the messenger team was questioned by the Facebook representative. According to him, the screenshots provided by Signal were taken in early March, “when the [Signal] ad account was briefly disabled for a few days due to an unrelated payment issue.”


“The ads themselves were never rejected as Signal never launched them. Advertising account has been available since early March, and since then, it was possible to show ads that do not violate our policies, “ – he said on Twitter Osborne.

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