Facebook and Instagram “intimidate” iPhone users to allow surveillance


Apps give alerts hinting at the potential loss of free access

The developers of Facebook and Instagram have gotten very creative with the new privacy policy in the recent iOS 14.5 update. They have already made the appropriate changes to applications for iPhone and iPad, but in such a way as to reduce the impact of innovations.  

Instagram iOS update
Instagram iOS update

Facebook and Instagram “intimidate” iPhone users to allow surveillance

Recall that in iOS 14.5 there are new privacy settings that allow iPhone and iPad owners to prevent applications from collecting personal data. Moreover, in accordance with the new requirements, applications must explicitly receive permission to collect personal data. 

Users have now begun to receive the required data collection notifications in the Facebook and Instagram apps. However, in addition to the warning itself, users are told that this will not only allow better customization of ads but also “will help keep Facebook (or Instagram) free.” On the Internet, Facebook and Instagram have dubbed the trick “scare tactics” because of the rather transparent hint of the possibility of imposing fees for the use of social networks and the loss of free access. 

The warnings look something like this:

This version of iOS requires us to request permission to track certain data from this device in order to improve ads. Find out how we restrict the use of this information if you do not enable this setting. We use information about your activity from other apps and websites too: show you more personalized ads, help keep Facebook free, and support businesses that rely on ads to reach their customers. “

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