Facebook announced full transition to renewable energy sources


Facebook announced full transition to renewable energy sources

Facebook announced that all of its global operations are 100% renewable, and the company has achieved a zero carbon footprint, reaching the goal it set for itself in 2018. However, movement in this direction began almost ten years ago.


Facebook promised not to stop there: the company will sign contracts for new solar and wind energy. The company promised that by 2030 it would achieve zero emissions not only in its own activities but in its entire value chain (including any suppliers, business travel, and even employee travel). To achieve this, the company will develop a responsible supply chain program, invest in projects to remove carbon dioxide from the air, and seek innovative ways to reduce emissions.

Facebook took up the emissions issue back in 2011 when it had only one data center in Prineville, Oregon. Then the first contract for the supply of energy from renewable sources was signed. As a result of Facebook’s investments over the years for about $ 8 billion, 63 new wind and solar power plants were built. All of these power plants are connected to the company’s data center and supply energy to other consumers.

Of course, this gives jobs and impetus to the development of the solar panel and wind turbine industry. Today, the company purchases over 6 gigawatts of wind and solar power from 18 US states and five more countries. In 2020 alone, the company signed contracts for approximately 1 GW of new renewable energy sources.

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We have already written earlier on 3DNews and ServerNews about some of the company’s initiatives in this area. For example, a solar power plant with a capacity of more than 170 MW, being created to power the Facebook data center in Nashville, Tennessee. Or installing solar panels with a total capacity of 100 MW on rooftops in Singapore to power the data center.



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