Facebook will change advertising tools in line with Apple’s new privacy policy


Facebook will change advertising tools in line with Apple’s new privacy policy

The Facebook company spoke about the improvements to advertising tools in its social networks. Developers will change the required elements to comply with the new Apple guidelines. Writes about it Reuters.


Facebook noted that the changes would limit the ability of advertisers to target audiences and analyze ads on their platforms. According to the description, the company will no longer be able to model user behavior over long periods of time (for 7-day and 28-day periods). It will also be impossible to break down the target audience by categories (age, gender, region). It will become more difficult to measure customer conversion and much more.

To preserve some of the legacy functionality, the company will implement two new SKAdNetwork API and Aggregated Event Measurement protocols. To take advantage of the new features, advertisers will need to update their ad account settings. A detailed description can be found on the Facebook page.


The changes are related to the upcoming iOS update, which will be released next week. It will limit the ability of services to track user activity. Apple said the innovations are aimed at protecting users and improving data control.


Due to the changes, the social network criticized the platform owner, stating that this would not allow displaying personalized ads and reduce business revenues. The company then threatened the device manufacturer with a lawsuit.

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