Fairphone 4 New Life Edition offers software updates until 2028


But it costs 470 euros

Fairphone has introduced the Fairphone 4 New Life Edition smartphone.

Fairphone 4
Fairphone 4

Under such a rather unusual name, a refurbished Fairphone 4 is actually sold. One could say that there is nothing unusual in this, but still Fairphone as a whole cannot be called an ordinary company, so a number of features can be highlighted here.

For example, a five-year warranty! Nobody gives one like this for new phones, but here it’s a refurbished one. Secondly, the device will receive software updates until 2028, and Fairphone has long proven that in this matter it sometimes even exceeds its promises.

Fairphone 4 New Life Edition offers software updates until 2028

It’s also very interesting that the website explicitly states that such a smartphone is better than a new one. In this case, the company does not mean the technical part. Let us remind you that Fairphone promotes the idea of ​​conscious consumption. That is why its smartphones are supported for a record long time, and you can buy spare parts on the website, despite the fact that these same spare parts are very easy to replace yourself. In addition, the company constantly talks about caring for the environment. So, in this case, a refurbished Fairphone 4 is better than a new one, according to the manufacturer, simply because the buyer will not buy a new product, which in the end will still have to be thrown away or partially recycled, but instead will buy a device that has previously served someone . In addition, Fairphone 4 New Life Edition comes with a protective film and a case.

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True, it still costs a lot: from 470 euros.

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