Final Fantasy XV-inspired RPG Lost Soul Aside Coming To PlayStation 5


Final Fantasy XV-inspired RPG Lost Soul Aside Coming To PlayStation 5

Ultizero Games founder Yang Bing announced expanding the target platform list for his action RPG Lost Soul Aside as part of the PlayStation China Showcase 2021 broadcast.

Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV

Recall, until recently, Lost Soul Aside was announced exclusively for the PlayStation 4, although the very fact of the appearance of the game (overtime) on other systems was beyond doubt.

As it became known, in addition to the Sony console of the last generation, Lost Soul Aside will also visit the current console of the Japanese platform holder – PlayStation 5.

An unofficial recording of the announcement of the PS5 version of Lost Soul Aside is available on the YouTube channel of Twinfinite journalist Giuseppe Nelva. The video is entirely in Chinese.

How exactly Lost Soul Aside on the PlayStation 5 will differ from the edition for the PlayStation 4? The developers did not specify but thanked the players for their support and urged them to expect the project’s release.

Earlier, Lost Soul Aside would appear on store shelves by the end of 2020, but it is already almost May 2021, and there is still no release. Ultizero Games has not yet provided a new premiere date.

Binh took on Lost Soul Aside in 2014, inspired by the Final Fantasy XV trailer. At first, the developer worked on the project alone, but with Sony’s support, he found Ultizero Games, which currently has almost 30 employees.

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