Fitbit offers free Sense smartwatch replacement


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:38 pm

Due to hardware problem with ECG

Fitbit Sense became the most expensive smartwatch of the American company Fitbit and was the first to receive support for the electrocardiogram function. However, it is the ECG sensor that has prompted a complete replacement for some users.  


Fitbit offers free Sense smartwatch replacement

Fitbit representatives confirm that some Fitbit Sense users have a hardware issue with their watch that affects the ECG function, causing it to malfunction.

The company has already started sending out emails to users with similar problems and is offering a complete free device replacement. 

Fitbit emphasizes that the problem has affected only a “limited” range of users and it will be fixed in “future” Fitbit Sense shipments. 

The Fitbit Sense smartwatch is priced at $ 329. ECG support was announced at the time of the announcement in August, but it was only implemented in October with the help of a software update. 

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