Gamers Speak Out: The Most Anticipated Video Game Adaptations and Franchise Favorites


The worlds of video games and cinema have long been intertwined. Iconic franchises like Tomb Raider and Mario have leaped the big screen, with varying degrees of success. But what about the future? Which video game adaptations are gamers most excited about, and which existing adaptations do they hold in high regard?

This article dives into a recent survey conducted in the UK that sheds light on gamer preferences when it comes to video game adaptations. We’ll explore the most anticipated upcoming adaptations, the franchises gamers yearn to see brought to life on screen, and how existing adaptations stack up in the eyes of the players themselves.

Gamers Speak Out
Gamers Speak Out

Gamers Cast Their Votes: Upcoming Adaptations They Can’t Wait For

The survey, conducted by a UK retailer and polling over 650 gamers, revealed some fascinating insights. When asked about their most anticipated upcoming video game adaptations, the results were clear:

Fallout (49%): Topping the list is the upcoming Fallout television series, slated for release on April 11th. The long-running post-apocalyptic RPG franchise has a dedicated fanbase eager to see its world and characters translated into live-action.

BioShock (22%): The underwater dystopia of BioShock has captivated players for years, and the prospect of a film adaptation has many gamers intrigued. While details remain scarce, the potential for a visually stunning and narratively complex film is undeniable.

God of War (19%): Kratos, the rage-fueled Spartan warrior from the God of War series, is another character gamers are eager to see on the big screen. The recent reboot of the franchise has revitalized interest, making a potential film adaptation highly anticipated.

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These results highlight the diverse tastes of gamers. While some crave the gritty realism of Fallout, others are drawn to the fantastical worlds of BioShock and God of War.

The Dream Adaptations: Franchises Gamers Want to See on Screen

The survey also delved into what franchises gamers would most like to see adapted into films or television shows. Here, the results reveal a yearning for some classic and critically acclaimed titles:

Red Dead Redemption (41%): The sprawling open world and immersive storytelling of Red Dead Redemption have captured the hearts of many. A film adaptation could potentially offer a cinematic experience akin to classic Westerns, with a modern twist.

Mass Effect (38%): This space opera RPG series boasts a rich universe, compelling characters, and a complex story ripe for adaptation. A television series could potentially do justice to the vast lore and branching narratives of Mass Effect.

Horizon (33%): The post-apocalyptic world dominated by robotic creatures in Horizon Zero Dawn offers a unique and visually stunning setting for a film or TV show. The story of Aloy, a skilled hunter, has the potential to translate well to the screen.

The Elder Scrolls (29%): This long-running fantasy RPG series is renowned for its vast open worlds and deep lore. Bringing the world of Tamriel to life on screen would be a monumental undertaking, but one that could be incredibly rewarding for fans.

Interestingly, the survey also revealed a small number of gamers (2%) who would like to see a film adaptation of FIFA, the popular soccer video game franchise. This highlights the diverse preferences within the gaming community.

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A Look Back: How Existing Adaptations Fared

The survey didn’t just focus on the future. It also asked gamers about their opinions on existing video game adaptations. Here’s how some popular adaptations fared:

Tomb Raider (52%): The Tomb Raider film franchise, starring Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander, emerged as the clear favorite among respondents. These films offered action-packed adventures that resonated with fans of the games.

Gran Turismo (14%): Unfortunately, the Gran Turismo film adaptation received far less praise. This suggests that translating racing simulators to the big screen can be a challenge.

These results show that some adaptations have managed to capture the essence of the source material and please fans, while others have fallen short.


Q: What are the most anticipated upcoming video game film adaptations?

A: Gamers are eagerly awaiting the premieres of the Fallout series, BioShock, and God of War adaptations.

Q: Which video game adaptations are most desired by gamers?

A: Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, and The Elder Scrolls top the wishlist for gamers eagerly anticipating film adaptations.

Q: What existing game-based films received the highest praise from gamers?

A: Tomb Raider emerged as the favorite among existing game-based films, earning praise from 52% of respondents.

Q: Which franchise adaptation is most favored by gamers?

A: The Last of Us garnered the most admiration among gamers, reflecting excitement surrounding its recent HBO series release and upcoming sequel.

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