Gear Up for Night City: Cyberpunk 2077 Launches Official Clothing Collection


While fans eagerly await news of a Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, CD Projekt RED is keeping the neon-drenched world of Night City alive with a stylish new clothing collection. Partnering with Insert Coin, the developer behind officially licensed Witcher gear, CD Projekt RED is offering fans a chance to wear their Cyberpunk pride with a variety of apparel and accessories.

This article delves into the exciting new Cyberpunk 2077 clothing line, exploring the available items, their potential appeal to fans, and what it might signify for the future of the franchise.

Cyberpunk 2077 Launches
Cyberpunk 2077 Launches

Step into Night City with Officially Licensed Gear

The new Cyberpunk 2077 clothing line offers a range of options for fans to express their love for the game. Here’s a closer look at the collection’s highlights:

Night City Bomber Jacket ($90.66): The centerpiece of the collection, this bomber jacket embodies the gritty and stylish aesthetic of Night City. The black jacket features Cyberpunk 2077 branding alongside bold graphics and high-quality materials, making it a statement piece for any fan.

Arasaka Hoodie ($58.66): Show your allegiance to the powerful Arasaka Corporation with this sleek hoodie. Featuring the Arasaka logo and a clean, contemporary design, this hoodie allows fans to subtly represent their favorite in-game faction.

Johnny Silverhand T-Shirts ($26.66): Channel the iconic rockerboy Johnny Silverhand with these graphic tees. Featuring various designs inspired by the character, these t-shirts offer a more casual way to showcase your Cyberpunk fandom.

Cyberpunk 2077 Pins (Starting at $6): Round out your Cyberpunk look with collectible pins featuring iconic symbols and factions from the game. With options like Arasaka, Samurai, Maelstrom, and Trauma Team, fans can add a personalized touch to their attire.

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This collection caters to a range of styles and budgets, allowing fans to express their love for the game in a way that suits their preferences.

Beyond Fashion: What This Means for Cyberpunk 2077

The launch of this official clothing line suggests a few interesting possibilities for the Cyberpunk 2077 franchise:

Maintaining Franchise Relevance: With a sequel likely still in the early stages of development, this clothing line helps keep Cyberpunk 2077 in the public eye. Fans have a way to engage with the franchise and show their support while waiting for the next game.

Expanding the Cyberpunk Universe: Apparel and merchandise can be a great way to delve deeper into a fictional world. The inclusion of factions like Maelstrom and Trauma Team in the pin collection suggests an interest in exploring different aspects of the Cyberpunk 2077 universe.

Building Fan Connection: Officially licensed clothing allows fans to wear their fandom proudly. This creates a sense of community and shared appreciation for the game’s unique world and characters.

While the focus now might be on stylish apparel, this venture could potentially pave the way for future Cyberpunk 2077 merchandise, further enriching the fan experience.


Q: Where can I buy the Cyberpunk 2077 clothing line?

A: The Cyberpunk 2077 clothing line is available through Insert Coin’s official website.

Q: Are there any other Cyberpunk 2077 merchandise options planned?

A: While the current focus is on apparel, the success of this clothing line could potentially lead to additional merchandise in the future.

Q: Does this clothing line confirm a Cyberpunk 2077 sequel is coming soon?

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A: No, the clothing line is a separate project. While CD Projekt RED is working on a new Cyberpunk 2077 game, an official release date is unlikely to be announced anytime soon.

Q: What other video game franchises offer similar officially licensed clothing lines?

A: Many popular video game franchises offer officially licensed apparel and merchandise. Some examples include The Witcher (also from CD Projekt RED), The Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon.