Google “broke” YouTube, Users are unhappy?


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:10 pm

They believe the company wants to further clog YouTube with promotional materials.

Google regularly updates the YouTube service with new features, but the latest innovation has been met with hostility by many users.


The fact is that some YouTube users got the opportunity to test the updated version of the application, in which the search system has completely changed. Now when they search for videos, they also see the search result of the traditional Google search engine.

Users confirm that the new version of YouTube for Android has started displaying search results from Google. After entering a phrase, the most suitable links are displayed under the found videos, along with the ability to go to the full list of results in a browser or Google application.

YouTube Users are unhappy?

This change was met with very critical comments from commentators. They believe that the company wants to further clog YouTube with advertising materials. It is also reported that the first search result does not always meet expectations, in addition, users said that they are searching for videos in the YouTube application, but they definitely do not want to find a textual answer to the search query.

It is not yet clear whether Google plans to implement this feature for all users, since so far only the elite have reported the innovation.

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