Google Maps has a new layer to display data on the incidence of COVID-19


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:28 pm

Google Maps has a new layer to display data on the incidence of COVID-19

Google is constantly working to raise public awareness of the coronavirus. Google Maps already has warnings about COVID-19 checkpoints. Now the company has gone further and introduced a new layer that provides information on the number of cases of coronavirus in a particular region.

Google Maps
Google Maps

A fresh update to the service adds a COVID-19 Information tab in the upper right corner. This is done in order to provide map users with information about the epidemiological situation in the area of ​​interest. In addition, the app displays the average number of COVID-19 infections in the selected area. To make the interface more intuitive, Google uses color codes to mark regions based on the number of people infected:

  • Gray: <1
  • Yellow: 1-10
  • Orange: 10-20
  • Dark orange: 20-30
  • Red: 30-40
  • Dark red: 40+

    Google claims that thanks to color coding, users can understand the situation with the coronavirus in their place of residence. The company says the information is available for 220 countries and will be provided at the regional, provincial, district, and even city level where possible. According to the search giant, the data is collected from multiple sources such as WHO and local health ministries.

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