Google warns about deleting old Gmail accounts, Photos and other services


The user will be warned several times before being deleted.

Google has threatened to ruin Christmas for many users by sending email warnings to delete inactive accounts effective December 1, 2023. 


This decision will affect accounts that have not been active or signed in for two years. In the emails, Google explains that the user will receive several emails to the account’s Gmail address, as well as to the specified recovery addresses, before the account or any content is deleted. Reminder letters will be sent out within eight months.

Google warns about deleting old Gmail accounts, Photos and other services

Subsequently, an inactive Gmail account cannot be accessed, nor can it be used to create a new Google account. 

In addition to making your Gmail email address unavailable, Gmail messages, Google Calendar (Google Calendar) events, Drive files, Docs (Documents) and other Workspace files, as well as Google Photos (Google Photos) backups will also be lost.

The easiest way to be on the safe side is to sign in to your Google account from time to time. You can also keep your account “active” by sending and checking email, downloading apps from Google Play, searching Google (with authorization), going to YouTube, performing actions on Google Drive, and so on. 

Accounts and videos on YouTube, accounts with gift cards with saved money, and accounts under whose behalf applications are published in the Google Play store are not subject to deletion.  

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