Hisense Tv ranks first in global TV shipments in December 2022


Hisense Tv: According to the AVC Revo Market Research Institute’s 2022 Monthly Global TV Brand Shipment Report, in December 2022, Hisense ranked first in the world in terms of TV shipments. The volume reached 2.326 million units, providing the company with a leading position in the global market.

“The new record is not another turn in a series of successes, but the result of the company’s systematic development aimed at introducing the latest technological advances into production, continuously improving product quality, and maintaining high standards of after-sales service,” says Mr. Harvey Wang, General Director of Gorenye BT LLC. ”, which is part of the Hisense group of companies. “The growing number of Hisense quality and state-of-the-art TVs around the world is a testament to our growing consumer confidence and inspires us to keep improving.”

Hisense Tv ranks first in global TV shipments in December 2022

His new record follows a string of Hisense achievements, most recently the world’s second-largest TV shipment from January to October 2022. In addition, according to AVC Revo, the company won the second-largest shipment of Hisense TVs in the world in 2022. The market share reached 12.06%, and the volume of overseas shipments increased by 12.2% compared to 2021, shshowing rapid growth in Europe, Japan  and ,emerging markets.

At the recent FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, of which Hisense was one of the official sponsors, the company made headlines with an LED panel panel roundtadium’s perimeterhat read: “Hisense TVs. No. 1 in China. No. 2 in the world.” This new record confirms the company’s relentless commitment to creating premium solutions and delivering the ultimate viewing experience to viewers.

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