Divide and Conquer: Google Invested $300M in ChatGPT Competitor Claude


Google Cloud has invested $300 million in AI startup Anthropic. The company also received over $500 million from former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.

According to the terms of the deal, Anthropic will buy computing resources in the cloud from Google Cloud, and Google itself will receive a 10% stake in the startup. Note that Anthropic, like OpenAI, is developing a generative AI called Claude that can work as a universal chatbot, create new content and help with work.

Divide and Conquer: Google Invested $300M in ChatGPT Competitor Claude

It is noteworthy that Anthropic itself was founded by former OpenAI employees who did not agree with the company’s development plans.

For now, Google is looking to catch up as Microsoft has taken the lead in the AI ​​market through its partnership with OpenAI. The search giant has already presented its Bard chatbot based on the LaMDA neural network.

In addition, Google has invested $23 million in a GitHub Copilot counterpart called Magic. This project is also based on AI, its task is to help programmers write code, check it, test it, and identify errors. it will be based on neural networks.

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