Hitchhiker’s road adventure hits PC and consoles this week


Hitchhiker’s road adventure hits PC and consoles this week

In a new press release, versus Evil and developer Mad About Pandas announced the imminent expansion of the target list of their Hitchhiker road adventure.


Recall that Hitchhiker was presented in February 2019 as a project for PC and consoles. Still, on the way to release, it changed priorities and, first of all, visited the Apple Arcade service.

As it became known, Hitchhiker will go on sale for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on April 15 this year. Despite the proximity of the release, pre-orders of the game are not available.

Neither the developers nor the publisher provided any new illustrative materials connected with the announcement of the release date for Hitchhiker on PC and consoles, so we have to be content with the old ones.

In Hitchhiker, players take on the role of a hitchhiker who has lost his memory and the ultimate goal of his journey. Users will have to reveal the secret of the protagonist’s past.

Hitchhiker invites you to catch passing cars, enjoy landscapes, solve environmental puzzles and make decisions in conversations with other drivers that will help you solve puzzles.

Hitchhiker debuted in March this year on iOS (Apple Arcade). The project is not popular on Metacritic (the iOS version does not even have its own page), but at the launch, the creation of Mad About Pandas was greeted relatively warmly.


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