How the pulse oximeter works (and what is it for)


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:33 pm

Who knows if the containment measures of the second wave will prove effective: in the meantime, for at least fifteen days, following the last Prime Minister‘s Decree, Lombardy has returned to being a great ” red zone “, including the province of Brescia. We will see what will happen in the coming weeks: in the meantime, in a territory that all in all – at least for now – is holding up the fury of Covid, we can only express the utmost solidarity and closeness to the “cousins” of Milan, Brianza and the province of Varese ( the areas currently most in difficulty).

In view of the long health emergency, it is good to have at hand – as far as possible, mind you – also tools to prevent contagion, which allow us to check at home if something is wrong. Without forgetting, of course, that our reference in case of suspicious symptoms must always be our general practitioner or family pediatrician.

How the oximeter works

Today we are talking about the oximeter, also known as a pulse oximeter (or pulse oximeter) and oximeter: it is a non-invasive medical device that allows you to measure the oxygen saturation in peripheral arterial blood (SpO2) and at the same time also check the frequency. Unusual and low oxygenation, in fact, could be considered one of the first symptoms of Covid-19.

Values ​​above 96% are to be considered normal; between 95 and 93% are indicative of possible oxygenation problems (mild hypoxia); between 92 and 90% are indicative of insufficient oxygenation; below 90% is not physiological and indicate severe oxygen deficiency (severe hypoxia).

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In these stormy times, both the Italian Society of Pneumology and the Italian Federation of Family Doctors recommend having one at home, due to the ability of this small instrument – for which a finger is enough, in the true sense of the word – to signal any respiratory compromise from its earliest beginnings. A bit like the thermometer in its thermoscanner variant, it can become a fundamental tool. So let’s see what are the best models to buy online.

Finger pulse oximeter with FDA and Ce certificate

pulse oximeter
pulse oximeter

A pulse oximeter is equipped with a high-tech microchip and intelligent sensor that enable precise measurements within a 6-second interval (accuracy and efficiency of ± 2% for SpO2 and ± 3bpm of heart rate). The large and rotatable multidirectional high definition dual-color OLED display allows you to easily view results in 4 directions and a 360 ° screen reading, so that measurement results are clear even at a glance, and in the package, they are also including a case and a practical carrying lanyard. In addition, it is very simple to use, automatically turns off after 8 seconds if no signal is detected, has multiple monitoring modes, detects arrhythmias, and has hypoxic alarms,“

Finger pulse oximeter for children – perfect for the little ones

Pulse oximeter: the best models to buy online
The Homie branded oximeter is specifically designed to fit perfectly on children’s fingers  (> 2 years). With an original and fun penguin-shaped design, and available in blue and pink, this oximeter is light and easy to use and is equipped with an optimized algorithm and a light-blocking device that give the device a High accuracy and the ability to measure SpO2, PR (pulse value), heart rate, pulse waveform and bar graph in approximately 8 seconds. In addition, it is equipped with a multidirectional color OLED display, which allows you to easily view the results in 4 directions, automatic shutdown after 8 seconds of inactivity, and a mute function that does not disturb the baby’s sleep during measurements. Finally, the package also includes 2 AAA batteries, 1 neck lanyard, an instruction manual, and a carrying case.

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pulse oximeter for babies
pulse oximeter for babies

Finger pulse oximeter with a measurement of the percentage of perfusion

This finger oximeter stands out from other models for its ability to measure the percentage of perfusion, a fact that allows you to detect the validity of the oximeter measurement by verifying the reliability of the position in which the sensor is placed. Easy to use, Homiee’s pulse oximeter is also equipped with adaptive optical measurement, which offers high accuracy and shows SpO2 and heart rate data in about 8 seconds. In addition, it is equipped with a color OLED display capable of displaying results in 4 different directions and the auto power-off function after 8 seconds of inactivity, and the package includes 2 AAA batteries, 1 silicone case, 1 padded case, 1 lanyard for the neck and 1 instruction manual in Indian.

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