How to choose the perfect hairstyle for your face


Last updated on May 5th, 2023 at 11:21 am

If you are undecided about which haircut to choose for your face, follow this little and simple trick that will remove all doubts.

Sometimes we just have to cut ourselves off in every situation and even an aesthetic change can be a good move to start seeing ourselves in a better way. Most of us women panic every time they decide to shorten their hair.

Let’s face it, we usually spend a lot of time before making up our minds, flipping through magazines or wandering around on social networks in search of the new look of the star of the moment that will suit us too.

We do research on the internet to discover the fashion of the moment in line with the time of year. Often a certain hairstyle that is perhaps good for the most beautiful showgirl on TV may not give the desired result with our hair and especially with our face. As a rule, the rule is that if the face is oval or round, a medium or short cut can be good, while if it is elongated it would be better to wear long hair.

The trick to discovering the perfect haircut

A cut as well as the hair color that suits us is also important to feel more beautiful and in harmony with ourselves when we look in the mirror. First of all, we must also hear what our trusted hairdresser thinks about it and get the best advice from him, who certainly knows more than us. However, there is a trick that allows us to perfectly understand if our face is suitable for a medium, short or long cut.

This rule is called 5.5, where the figure indicates the centimeters that we must take into account regarding the length of our haircut in relation to the face. Success will certainly be guaranteed and we will finally remove any doubts about which type of cut to choose.

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Let’s take a ruler and a pencil and put ourselves in front of a mirror. We place the ruler under the earlobe and the pencil under the chin. If the figure that comes out at the tip of the pencil is 5.5 or less then short or medium cuts will be better; if it is superior, it is better to wear longer hairstyles. With this little trick

you are never wrong and finally, we can decide on the length of our hair.


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