Hyperkin unveils replica of original Xbox 360 controller for Xbox Series and PC


Although in some ways the novelty differs from the original, Hyperkin unveils replica of original Xbox 360.

Hyperkin, which released a copy of the controller for the first Xbox a few years ago, has announced a replica for the Xbox 360 model as well. The new product will be compatible with the Xbox Series S/X and PC.

hyperkin xbox 360 controller
hyperkin Xbox 360 controller

The new gamepad is called Xenon and has already been licensed by Microsoft. The novelty will be wired using a USB Type-C cable. The gamepad also has a share button and a 3.5mm output. The controller will be available in black, white, red, and pink. It is important to note that there will be no wireless version.

“ I remember when the Xbox 360 came out – it was a revolutionary experience, multiplayer, digital games, and an unbeatable controller. I have very fond memories of the Xbox 360 and we are thrilled to bring some of that nostalgia back to modern consoles with the Xenon controller,” said Slade Dude Suzuki, developer at Hyperkin.

It is not yet reported when the controller may appear on sale and at what price. And earlier, Sony introduced a branded gamepad for the iPhone.

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