Hyundai will prepare solid-state batteries for mass production by 2030


Hyundai will prepare solid-state batteries for mass production by 2030

The largest automakers are now demonstrating their intentions to control, if not the production of traction batteries, then at least the technology of their manufacture. Many people rely on batteries with solid-state electrolytes, including Toyota and Volkswagen, and South Korean Hyundai Motor. It will offer such batteries by 2030.


Before pilot production of solid-state traction batteries begins in 2025, Business Korea explains that the Korean automaker will improve lithium batteries. Now they have reached the third generation in their development, and the storage density of electricity is about 600 Wh per liter. Already in 2023, fourth-generation batteries with a charge storage density of just under 700 Wh per liter will be offered. The threshold of 700 Wh per liter will be crossed in 2025 with the help of fifth-generation batteries. Roughly speaking, this will allow Hyundai and Kia electric vehicles to increase their average range by 16% by 2025.

By 2027, Hyundai will begin preparing for mass production of solid-state batteries, but it will not start until 2030, with their production outsourced. Hyundai sees its mission in developing the very technology of mass production of solid-state electrolyte batteries.


By the middle of the decade, Hyundai Motor intends to sell 560 thousand electric vehicles annually, five times more than in 2020. The range of models will be expanded from the current eight to at least thirteen. The company estimates the capacity of the global electric vehicle market at 18 million cars in 2025. Electric cars of Hyundai and Genesis brands will be able to claim a share of 5%, and together with Kia, they will be able to capture at least 8%.

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