in Disney + app (formerly HotStar), how to consume less data on iPhone and iPad


Last updated on April 29th, 2023 at 02:14 pm

Disney + has added two new features to the iPhone and iPad application to consume less data: here are the news

The family-focused content streaming service, Disney +, has already reached the top 50 million users in just a few monthsHow many have Netflix achieved in 7 years? But times are different, the market has changed and technologies are also much more mature. So much so that a useful novelty for iOS users is coming soon.

The Disney + app for these devices, in fact, has just received a new feature to consume fewer data. This is a novelty that in Italy will serve above all to those who love watching Disney + streaming outside the home, with the cellular connection on consumption, while with the home fixed connection it will be of little use. In the United States, where many home subscriptions also have a ” data cap ” that limits the GB of data that a user can consume in a month, this functionality is almost necessary. In addition, with the new app for iOS, there is also the possibility to disconnect from all devices already registered on Disney +. Very useful in case of account theft.

How to save data on Disney + for iOS

The new app for iOS Disney + with the functionality ” data saver ” is the 1.5.1, currently distributed on the App Store. Requires iOS 11 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV. It is already available in Italian and users from our country can download it. To consume less data when streaming Disney + content, users can now choose the quality of the playback, also decreasing the bitrate of the audio/video stream. If we have little data, we are away from home and we just can’t resist and we want to finish the last episode of our favourite TV series or the last minutes of a movie, then this is the functionality for us.

save data on Disney +

How to protect your Disney + account

The second feature released by Disney with version 1.5.1 of its app concerns the security of the account. When we proceed to reset the e-mail address and password, now, we can also choose to log out from all the devices already connected to the account. This is very useful both if they have stolen a device from us and if we are afraid that they have stolen our account data.

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