Inexpensive LCD TVs are getting more expensive. It’s time to think about buying


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:15 pm

LCD TV prices should rise all year round

According to Business Korea, the price of 32-inch Open Cell LCD panels rose 6% this month. It is expected that the trend will continue in the next quarter. Analysts expect that in the third quarter, the price increase for LCD TV panels will exceed 10%.


Inexpensive LCD TVs are getting more expensive. It’s time to think about buying

The reason for this is the increase in television production in the second half of the year. The coronavirus pandemic indirectly spurred television sales. Many began to spend more time watching movies and TV shows on streaming services. In addition, several companies increased their inventory of LCD panels due to weak sales in the first quarter.

The same report says that in the first quarter of 2021 there will be a reduction in the supply of LCD displays. They will decrease by 9.7% in terms of the total area. Moreover, Samsung Display, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LCD displays, will stop producing these panels in 2021. Analysts expect LCD TV prices to rise all year long.

It is also reported that demand for 65-inch OLED TVs has increased significantly. It is expected that in the near future before the release of the new generation of consoles, sales of televisions will again grow.

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