OnePlus is becoming more and more like Xiaomi. The company will launch its own monitors


Last updated on December 2nd, 2022 at 05:53 pm

OnePlus is actively expanding its range: monitors are a logical step after TVs

If earlier OnePlus only produced phones, now it also has TVs in its range, and soon there will be monitors. On December 12, OnePlus will introduce two monitor models under the designations X 27 and E 24.

OnePlus X 27

There are no technical specifications, but the title clearly encodes the diagonal size in inches: 27 and 24, respectively. The teaser also indicates the presence of a convertible stand that will allow you to transfer the device from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa. According to insider Ishan Agarwal (Ishan Agarwal), OnePlus X 27 will be a premium model: you can expect 4K resolution and a considerable price.

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