Instagram devs copied another TikTok feature


Instagram devs copied another TikTok feature

Last year, Instagram introduced the Reels feature, which allows you to record short videos up to 15 seconds long, and is analogous to one of TikTok’s features. Now the developers of the social network have announced the launch of Reels Remix, a tool for recording videos with existing videos of other users, which also copies TikTok Duet’s function.


The announced Reels Remix feature makes it possible to record your own video alongside another user’s video. When playing such videos, both clips are played simultaneously. An analog of this function is very popular among TikTok users. Still, it is possible to record a “response” video there only if the author of the original video has activated the corresponding option in the settings.

“ Now, you can use the Remix feature in Reels to create your own video alongside an existing one. Whether you’re capturing your reactions, responding to friends, or bringing something new to trends, Remix is ​​another way to collaborate on Instagram, ”the developers said in a post.   

To start using the new function, click on the corresponding icon with three dots in the video menu from Reels and select the “Remix” item. After that, you can start recording a new video next to the existing one or upload a previously prepared clip. If necessary, you can change the volume of the sound in the video, its playback speed, or add effects.

Starting today, the Reels Remix feature is available for all new videos automatically. Besides, users can activate this feature for older clips in the settings menu.

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