Quick Tips to Gain Instagram Followers


To become a content creator or influencer on social media like Instagram, one of the things that is most needed is a lot of followers. However, quality followers are of course organic ones, not the result of buying followers. Apparently, there are quick ways to grow organic accounts and followers, let’s take a look at this article!

Instagram has its own algorithm and system to remain a fun medium for content creators, especially for attracting other accounts to become their followers.

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Launching GizChina on Monday (21/11), here are four tips that are claimed to be very easy to grow an Instagram account quickly and that many people may not know:

1. Interactive

The Instagram algorithm focuses more on interactive users. It is this interactivity that makes the Instagram platform such an interesting place. Everyone is competing to get lots of views, comments, and likes on their posts.


So if you interact a lot, like commenting and liking other people’s posts, Instagram will automatically suggest your account to other users. If you keep doing this, you might be surprised how many people follow you in a day.

2. Consistency

Just like other social media platforms, consistency is key to growing an Instagram account. The growth of your Instagram account also depends on the posts.

While it’s easy to get lots of followers by posting consistently on Instagram, you can also lose followers if you stop posting. Instagram does this on purpose to make you post content more consistently.

Consistency also means sticking to the focus of your content. So if it’s about comedy, fashion, sports, or entertainment, stick to that genre.

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It will also help you get real followers who are interested in the type of content you create. Getting followers like that also means your posts will get a lot of engagement, because people usually like to talk about what interests them.

3. Spend More Time on Instagram 

If you really want to get lots of organic followers, you need to spend more time on Instagram. Usually, the accounts that Instagram suggests for others to follow are those that are online.

The Instagram algorithm works in this way to increase interactivity and keep users on the platform for a long time. This is exactly what Instagram wanted; people stay longer and interact more.

As you spend more time online, Instagram will continue to show your account to more users as part of a list of suggestions. By doing that, you end up getting new followers.

4. Follow Famous Accounts

Whenever you come across a profile of a celebrity, idol or someone who recently went viral, just follow them. In most cases, a list of Instagram follow suggestions appears after we follow someone.

And these people are getting thousands of followers every day. So if you consistently post, interact with other people’s posts, and spend more time on Instagram, following famous people will be a complement to gaining your own followers.

These steps are claimed to make you easily get more Instagram followers in a few weeks, from zero to 10 thousand followers within four to five weeks.

That’s how Instagram works, good luck!

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