Internet may appear on Aeroflot planes


The service was disabled last year

The Internet for passengers may again appear on Aeroflot planes, as officially announced by the group’s general director Sergei Aleksandrovsky, speaking to reporters at the Eastern Economic Forum.

During the event, an agreement was signed between Aeroflot and Yakovlev, which concerns digital aviation technologies. In particular, the agreement contains the clause “Increasing the comfort of Aeroflot passengers through the integration of on-board entertainment systems, including satellite communication systems, into aircraft.”

Aeroflot planes
Aeroflot planes

Internet may appear on Aeroflot planes

Of course, this is in our joint plans with a partner who provides us with similar services for Western-made aircraft. Our partner, together with us and Yakovlev, will implement similar solutions on new domestic aircraft. We are also discussing with Russian providers the provision of Internet on board.

In 2021, Aeroflot introduced Internet communications based on paid access for customers, but last year the service stopped working due to sanctions. Currently, you can only connect to the in-flight entertainment system.

Sergei Alexandrovsky also said that Aeroflot is increasing passenger traffic and plans to end the quarter with “confident profit. ”

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