iPhone 15 Ultra called very beautiful


Perhaps Apple will return to the shape of the iPhone 11 line

New details about the iPhone 15 line of smartphones have appeared on the Web.

iPhone 15
                                                                          iPhone 15

ShrimpApplePro insider claims that all models of the new line will retain screens of the same sizes that are used now. Actually, we have not heard any rumors about changing the diagonals. 

He also says older models will get flat screens with thinner bezels but curved edges. Apparently, the side faces are meant, because the insider mentions the iPhone 11 line as an example. At the same time, we can recall that we have already heard rumors that the new iPhones will have a slightly different case than the current models, but then it was said about the bend of the side face on the back. 

The younger iPhones will also get curved edges, but the frames, apparently, will not become thinner. All new models will receive a Dynamic Island cutout. Separately, it can be noted that the insider says that his source called the iPhone 15 Ultra very beautiful. But then it is not clear why other models of the line are not the same. 

Back in April, ShrimpApplePro was the first to post photos of mock-ups of the iPhone 14 line of smartphones, which in the end turned out to be completely accurate.

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