Items from containers in The Elder Scrolls Online will soon be available for purchase with in-game currency


Items from containers in The Elder Scrolls Online will soon be available for purchase with in-game currency

The upcoming 30th update for The Elder Scrolls Online, slated to launch in June, will add daily and weekly accomplishments. Completing these quests will reward players with gold, experience, and a new in-game currency called Seals of Accomplishment. The latter can be spent on items that previously dropped out only in crown boxes (containers) that cost real money.

the elder scrolls
the elder scrolls

More than 60 achievements will be similar to those already present in the game. Here are some examples from the latest Elder Scrolls Online blog:

  • steal items,
  • complete tasks,
  • defeat enemies using certain class or weapon abilities,
  • sell items to merchants,
  • create various items,
  • defeat various monsters,
  • collect resources.You can view the available daily and weekly challenges in the new achievements menu in the activity search. Achievements will not need to be activated or turned over – they are active in advance, and when completed, the player receives a notification. The rewards appear directly in his account. There will be separate limits on the number of daily and weekly tasks completed, but there will be no limit on how many Seals of Achievement have accumulated.

    The game currency is tied to the account and not to the character who earned them and can be spent on cosmetics, pets, consumables, etc. If the player is not interested in the contents of the Crown Crates at the moment, you can wait for the next season.

    This change is intended to align The Elder Scrolls Online with the container policy of Microsoft, the new owner of Zenimax. The rule says: “Items in containers can always be earned through the game. All items available through paid containers in our games will also be available through the opportunity to earn free in the game process (that is, grind). “

    Then, on June 1, the Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood expansion and the Oblivion Gate adventure, which we talked about separately, will be released.

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